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Welcome to Harmony Meadow Farm – Lamb  & Wool

Where the sheep graze in the sun, the dogs sleep all day on the porch, and the Prince Edward Island countryside provides a stunning backdrop of tranquil beauty.

Partners Ken and Kim Smith, and Steven and Jennifer Taran oversee operations at this beautiful farm property dedicated to healthy and humane farm products and crafts, including lamb, and fine yarns and wool products. All four left corporate jobs in the city to follow their dream and passion for providing healthy, local food for themselves and for others.  There is no better place than beautiful Prince Edward Island to make this dream a reality!

Harmony Meadow Farm is located in Belfast, Prince Edward Island, about 30 minutes outside Charlottetown and about 25 minutes from the Wood Islands Ferry Terminal. It is a small family farm raising lamb from Suffolk/Finn/Texel crosses and registered Corriedale sheep.

Our Lamb

We raise our lamb naturally with a great deal of care and attention to providing a quality product for our customers.
We maintain a relatively small, humanely raised flock so quantities are limited, please contact us if you are interested in reserving some of our delicious lamb. We sell by the half and whole, and when possible, by the cut. Please click here to view a chart of our available cuts.

Our Fiber

We produce roving, batting and yarn from our own fleeces, and give our animals the best possible care. We are committed to raising our sheep on a diet of pasture and hay for as much of the year as possible. Our fleeces are processed in our own mill called Fleece & Harmony. Visit www.fleeceandharmony.com to learn more, and to view some of the fibre products that we sell in our on-farm shop.

We Hope to See You Soon!

We welcome you to visit our farm and see for yourself how our sheep are raised, and experience some of the harmony of the lifestyle we love. Please phone ahead or e-mail to confirm the best time for a tour.